Terramap RVA

A visually communicative GIS application and spatial tool for homeowners, environmental, and stormwater planners in the city of Richmond. Parcel landscape compositions, rooftop areas, and other factors are measured and analyzed to produce accurate runoff volume, peak discharge in a 2-yr 24 hour storm event (Rational Method), as well as other metrics. Terramap can be adapted for other municipalities.

Armstrong High School: Roof Top Farm Lab

Aeroponic, hydroponic, and soil based strawberry plant systems were installed in the underutilized school greenhouse. Photovoltaic and rain water harvesting systems were also installed to incorporate net-zero principles. About 100 strawberries are growing, with recirculating rain water and pumps running on solar.

G. W. Carver Elementary School: Carverponics - Aquaponic Greenhouse

Recirculating Aquaculture System designed for the school's unused greenhouse. "Carverponics" is a low maintenance educational platform, utilized by classes to learn STEM concepts that are anchored to reality. This robust engineered ecosystem thrived for 3-weeks, unattended during winter break, culturing nutrient dense foods all the while.

Farmstrong: Urban Farm near Armstrong High School

Created the landscape design for a 1.5 acre urban farm hub site adjacent to Armstrong High School. Services rendered include consulting, topographic analysis, drip irrigation system design, filtration, well & pump system design, supplying local fruit shrubs, and trees for planting, creating planting diagrams, coordinating and organizing volunteers. We also have a solar pump for the well.

Rain Tower Garden

Constructed and installed a rain barrel tower and garden on the parking lot behind a client's business. Within moments of potting native flowering plants, pollinators were visiting the garden. Geopots, gravity fed drip irrigation, and sturdy reinforced 4x4 tower construction.

Newtowne West Community Garden

Surveyed every house in the Newtowne West Neighborhood to find all individuals surveyed in support of utilizing the appropriate parcel for a community garden. Created a landscape design including raised beds, a portable water meter, water tower, tool shed, hoop house, and an orchard. Presented a full detailed budget and proposal for the neighborhood civic association.The civic association is now working with the City Parks Department and the Richmond Food Coop to actualize turning the parcel into a community garden. Further design services will be provided to this project in the future if needed.

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